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About Lunar Sister Collective

Lunar Sister Collective is a space for women to join together, embrace divine feminine energy, explore our inherent cyclical nature and to share our experience and wisdom with others. We can learn so much from one another and this supportive community is the place to do exactly that.


The brand was founded by Amy Samantha, a wellness writer and yoga teacher, in 2020. Amy felt that, while women had so much knowledge to share with one another, there were often a lack of opportunities to do so. 

Lunar Sister Collective is a space for women to join together to share their collective wisdom on various aspects of wellness. We're passionate about cyclical living - connecting to the magic of natural cycles through the seasons, the Moon and/or the menstrual cycle. 

From period pain, fertility and anxiety, to yoga, Ayurveda and herbal remedies, Lunar Sister Collective is the holistic home of women's wellness. 

Our community is a space for all - if you feel passionate about sharing your wellness wisdom with others, we want to hear it!


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