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For so long in our patriarchal society, the phases of a woman's life have been seen as 'shameful' and 'taboo'. We've been pitted against one another, tricked into believing that our cyclical nature is wrong and that our feminine energy is weak and unworthy.


As a result, we've hidden from one another, afraid to discuss matters that so, so, SO many of us encounter each and every day. From menstruation issues and fertility challenges, to struggles with self belief and a distrust of our inner wisdom. 

As a result of this internalised disconnect and shame, we've also become out of sync with the natural cycles of life. So many of us conform to the masculine energy, having to show up every day and perform at the top of our game with no respite. As a result, we end up feeling burnt out, exhausted and always searching for something more meaningful. 

Sound familiar? You're not alone, sister.

Embrace the feminine

Cycles exist in nature - we see it in the changing seasons, the phases of the Moon and the menstrual cycle. No flower blooms the whole year round. Cyclical living holds the key to our wellness in mind, body and soul.

Our Sacred Sisterhood offers you a supportive community in which you can discover the power of cyclical living, explore your divine feminine energy, learn from women all over the world, and connect with like-minded souls to support your journey.

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Our Sacred Sisterhood

Discover a sacred online hub dedicated to helping you develop your wellness practice, all in a safe and supportive environment of like-minded soul sisters.

Tap into the power of cyclical living. Discover how the cycles of the Moon and the menstrual cycle really impact your daily life - from your energy levels, productivity and mental clarity, to relationships, communication and everyday habits


This is your exclusive community to nurture your connection to nature, heal your relationship with your body, develop your spiritual practice and meet like-minded souls supporting you on your journey.  

This membership will...

  • Teach you how to tap into the cyclical powers of nature

  • Encourage you to tune into your deep, inner wisdom and embrace your divine feminine energy

  • Help you discover how the Moon impacts your energy levels, mood and more 

  • Teach you how to track your menstrual cycle to live in true alignment with your inner wisdom 

  • Help you create healthy habits that you can commit to

  • Encourage you to develop your mindful, spiritual practice, with tools that you can call upon whenever you need

  • Connect you with a supportive group of like-minded soul sisters and build a community of meaningful connections

What's inside the
Sacred Sisterhood?

A transformative online library of video content. We've content to support your wellness with whatever your mind, body and soul craves. Move your body with a yoga class, develop your mindfulness practice with meditation and discover how the Moon impacts your energy. 

A downloadable cycle tracker. Learn how to track your cycle with the phases of the Moon and discover what it means for your energy levels, relationships, productivity, and more. 

An exclusive member's forum. In this space, chat about topics that have real meaning for you, seek advice from fellow women and connect with like-minded sisters on a soul level. 

Lunar Workbooks. Dive into the magic of lunar living and explore just how each phase of the Moon can really impact your daily life. You'll learn how to harness these potent energies to live your life in true alignment. 

When you add it all up, this magical offering is worth over £420 a month... 


...but it's yours for just £17

Yes sister, you read that right. All of this incredible content - yours to access whenever and however you like - is yours for just £17 a month. 


A sacred, supportive, spiritual community of sisters that's dedicated to elevating your growth, supporting your wellness and transforming your life. For just £17 a month, for life. 

Pay month by month and cancel whenever you like - if you have any questions please get in touch with amy@lunarsistercollective.co.uk

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