6 rituals to embrace divine feminine energy

Feminine and masculine energy exist in all beings. Masculine energy is focused, logical, with a deep desire to protect and build. Feminine energy is soft, nurturing, with a desire to ground and follow intuition.

When the energies are balanced, they create a sweet union that allows us to embrace all that makes us alive and unique.

It can often feel a challenge to find a balance between the two, especially in our patriarchal society. The masculine has long been overvalued at the cost of the feminine.

By tapping into feminine energy, you'll discover your full power and be able to max out on your creativity. When our energies are out of balance, we can feel exhausted, unwell and incapable of feeling pleasure.

So what can you do to embrace your divine feminine energy? I met with Embodiment Coach and Womb Priestess, Lara Raybone, who revealed six favourite rituals for embracing divine feminine energy.

How to embrace divine feminine energy

Practice flowing dance

Our feminine wisdom lives within the body. When we dance and move our bodies, we activate the part of the brain that's associated with our intuition. Through movement, we can process the wisdom still alive within us and find expression and liberation.

“As the feminine, we ARE the movement, chaos, and feeling," explains Lara, "When we move our bodies in an intuitive expression, we embody feminine frequency.”

Her invitation is to create a sacred space with candles and incense, and set an intention for your movement. Choose music that supports the energy of your intention, and then move.

Be curious and explore how each part of your body wants to move. This isn't about looking a certain way but an invitation to drop into your feelings. You can even close your eyes and focus your attention inward if this feels supportive.

Yoni steam

Yoni steaming is an ancient ritual that involves using herbal infused steam to help your overall wellbeing and reproductive wellness.

Those who practice claim it can help to increase fertility and improve sexual health.

Avoid a yoni steam when you are on your bleed or if you're pregnant. You also shouldn't practice if you're trying to get pregnant or if you have any open sores.

A yoni steam can be practised at home. Be sure to consult a professional if you have any concerns, questions or health issues.

What you will need:

  • A pot to boil water in

  • A ceramic pot or bowl to sit over (not plastic)

  • Pillows to support you

  • Towels to create a steam tent

  • Filtered water

  • Organic herbs of your choice (ones Layla suggests are raspberry leaf, lavender, basil, yarrow, chamomile, rose, rosemary, and calendula)

How to practice:

  1. Boil your filtered water and pour over your herbs in your ceramic bowl.

  2. Set up your space to have pillows to support your knees and place them under your bottom.

  3. Find a comfortable kneeling position over the bowl of herbs. Do not descend too close to the water's surface as the steam can feel very hot. Be mindful of not burning yourself.

  4. Sometimes it can be helpful to place the edge of towels around the edge of the ceramic bowl as this can get quite hot.

  5. Wrap the towels around your lap to create a steam tent. Close your eyes, breathe and relax.

  6. Envision the steam moving up through your yoni and nourishing your womb space. Stay here for five to 20 minutes.

Perform a womb ritual

As Lara explains, connecting to our womb space can be an incredibly powerful ritual for embracing feminine energy.

“Our womb, as womb-en, is the seat of our feminine power," she says. "It is a portal for life, the space within us that brings the non-physical into the physical.

"So often we doesn't take the time or create the space to connect with our womb, yet she is the key to our magnetism and radiance.”

How to practice

This simple ritual can be done daily to start building a relationship with the womb and find a wisdom that will guide you effortlessly in life.

  1. Begin by finding a comfortable seat. Alternatively, lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.

  2. Place both hands on your womb, or one hand on your womb and one on your heart, whichever feels the most comfortable.

  3. Bring your awareness to your breath.

  4. Descend your conscious awareness to your womb and anchor your breath there. Relax your belly completely, feeling your stomach expand as you inhale. Do this for around five minutes, focusing solely on breathing from your womb and filling your pelvic bowl with breath.

  5. Then, start to invite a gentle rocking of the pelvis that comes solely from the breath. This doesn't have to be a significant movement but allowing your full consciousness to be in your womb.

  6. Then you can gently whisper any questions you may have to your womb, ask for any guidance, or just feel the energy, feel for any sensations that arise, or even any emotions that may surface.

Make bath time sacred

Water holds the memory of life and is a sacred ritual that's deeply nourishing for the feminine.

When you run your bath, use essential oils, light candles, scatter your crystals, burn incense, and create a beautiful womb cave for you to bathe in.

Lara advises on coding the water by setting intentions with different flowers & herbs to support the energy of your intention.

  • Red roses for love

  • Salt for purification

  • Thyme is deeply cleansing

  • Lavender for relaxation

  • Rosehip when you're in need of detoxifying

  • Nettle for protection.

As you drop your herbs into the bath, say a little prayer and ask that it infuses the water with the frequency of that which you are calling in or seeking release with. Take your time with this and fully receive yourself.

Seek self-pleasure

So many of us were made wrong as children for seeking and being in pleasure. This practice supports rewiring the pathways that taught us that experiencing joy isn't safe.

It also supports us in learning to receive pleasure. The feminine is the energy that receives. When we practice pleasure and learn to receive from ourselves, we create more space within our nervous system and body to receive. This may be for love, pleasure, or even money.

A great way to honour the divine feminine within is with a pleasure ritual. This can be a sexual practice if desired, but it doesn’t have to be.

Tantalise your senses

Create a sacred space that lights up and activates each sense.

Make love to your body

Play and explore your body while activating or bringing awareness to each of your senses. Breathe fully and deeply, feeling yourself open to your touch with each breath. Leave no crevice unexplored. Play with different pressures and strokes and be curious about what feels good. Don't just go for what you know feels good or what you have learned feels good; let this be an exploration.

Take it slow

Slow it all downnnnnn. Part of increasing our capacity to receive pleasure is the ability to be with our sensations. So many of us, when it comes to pleasure, have desensitised our bodies through the overuse of vibrators or sex that is focused around 'just getting him off'. We can often feel a resistance to slowing down and feeling what is present.

When we allow ourselves to slow down and be with our bodies, our pleasure and our sensuality, we open up a whole world of deliciousness and richness within.

Practice a rage ritual

The feminine is the expression of ALL. It's not simply the love and light, but also the rage, pain, and frustration.

“As feminine beings, we have this profound capacity to feel," explains Lara. "To feel it all. When we are willing to feel it all, we create a flow to move through it; we can take the information the emotion is trying to share and take action from a clear and aligned space.

"Our emotions want to MOVE through us. They don't want to create a home within us, yet when we attach to a feeling or try to suppress an emotion, it stays stagnant in our body, which blocks or takes up space within us.”

An embodied expression or rage ritual offers a way to release our suppressed emotions. When you feel a challenging emotion, let it all out. Stay with each emotion until it feels complete, then allow the next to arise and unfold. A great accessory for this is to use a pillow to punch, hit, and scream into.

If you're struggling to express yourself, try to imagine how a toddler would vocalise these feelings. They are often unapologetic in their expression! They express it until the feeling is no longer alive within them and they can return back to their day.

About Lara

Lara Raybone is an Embodiment Coach and Womb Priestess specialising in feminine empowerment, helping women liberate themselves in love step into their fullest expression and deepest pleasure through connecting to embodied love, seasons and cycles, spirit and sexuality.

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