The best books for connecting with your higher self

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Looking for an inspiring new read to connect you with your higher self? Take a look at some of our favourite reads here.

From working with the Moon to embodying the wild feminine, we reveal the best books to help you connect with your higher self. Grab a steaming mug of something delicious, find a cosy reading nook and dive in.

Moon Power by Merilyn Keskula-Drummond

We’re big fans of Merilyn’s work here at Lunar Sister Collective and were thrilled when her latest book, Moon Power: Empowerment Through Cyclical Living, landed through our letterbox.

This gorgeous guide is your ultimate resource for tapping into the powers of the Moon. Begin your journey with a deep dive into the Moon’s history - where it came from, what it’s made of and how it influences culture all over the world.

You’ll then learn how to harness the energies of the Moon to transform your life. Track the Moon’s journey, create a Moon diary and understand how to tune into the phases and energies of the Moon. A must-read for anyone looking to deepen their relationship with nature.

Buy Moon Power by Merilyn Keskula-Drummond

Woman Code Alisa Vitti

Woman Code is the result of years of personal research for Alisa Vitti. Alisa struggled with the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome throughout her teens, with her doctor unable to offer any helpful advice.

Alisa managed to heal her symptoms through years of study and tuning into her body. Working with her body’s natural rhythms, Alisa used food and lifestyle to stabilise her hormones.

Woman Code shares Alisa’s research and provides the blueprint for learning to live more in sync with our hormones. Not just for those with PCOS, Woman Code can provide support for regulating your cycle, balancing your mood and even improving your sex life.

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Make your dreams come true with Yasmin Boland’s guide, Moonology. This gorgeous book explains the different phases of the Moon and how working with these cycles can change your life for the better.

Yasmin explains the powerful rituals and ceremonies you can do for working with the Moon. She also explains the art of New Moon wishing to help you attract your dream life.

Along with the magic of the Moon, Yasmin outlines the role of goddesses and archangels, helping you to take your spiritual practice to the next level.

Buy Moonology by Yasmin Boland

Rise Sister Rise

This book by Rebecca Campbell is our ultimate manual for embracing the power of the feminine. Read all the way through or dip into randomly when you’re in need of some inspiration. Each page is crafted with wise words, poems, rituals and exercises to inspire you.

Rise Sister Rise redefines sisterhood and the need for feminine energy in this all-too-often masculine world. Rebecca expertly guides you through her personal journey to becoming an intuitive spiritual mentor and teacher, while explaining how to heal the wild feminine within.

From discussing the cyclical nature of the feminine to explaining the suppression of the female voice, Rise Sister Rise is an empowering read to help you heal wounds and step into your power.

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