How to have a New Moon ritual

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

The New Moon is an exciting part of the lunar cycle. It signifies a fresh start and is great for setting intentions for the month ahead. Having a New Moon ritual can be a wonderful way to tune into the phases of the moon, all while keeping your intentions on track.

Here we explain some of the easy ways you can mark the arrival of the New Moon at home.

Your New Moon ritual

Cleanse your body

Having a bath or a shower before your New Moon ritual is perfect preparation for the arrival of this exciting lunar phase. Cleanse off the past and step forward feeling fresh.

Make it a mindful and luxurious experience. Use your favourite bath milks or oils, light a few candles and relax. This is a great time for allowing your mind to settle and to transition to a feeling of calm.

Create a sacred space

Prepare for your New Moon ritual by creating a safe and sacred space that you can relax in. Opt for somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. If you need, pop a sign on the door or tell your family you won’t be available for the next hour or so.

Soft lighting and candles can create a soothing atmosphere. If you can, position yourself near a window to see the night sky - or even better head outside. This will deepen your connection with nature.

Pop on something comfy and find somewhere suitable to sit. You might wish to sit on the ground, but a meditation cushion or a chair are perfect too.

Your favourite blend of essential oils or incense can help to add to the ambience. You might like to use the same aromas for each New Moon ritual, so that they come to be your signature New Moon scents.

Finally, creating an altar can be a lovely addition to your sacred ritual space. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy - your favourite blanket or piece of fabric can provide the stage. All you need to do is add some personal objects that hold meaning for you. Crystals, photos and objects from nature all make ideal additions.

Take time to journal

Settle in your sacred space and take the opportunity to journal. The New Moon is a fresh start so consider what it is that you’d like to work on or achieve in the coming month.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, the following prompts may help:

  • When do you feel at your most creative?

  • What are you grateful for?

  • What feels exciting for you right now?

  • Where do you feel blocked?

  • What would you like to attract this month?

  • How would you feel if you were to achieve this?

Enjoy a meditation

Once your journaling is complete, either stay sitting or lie down and take a few moments to meditate. Set a timer for however long you have time for.

Find a comfortable position and close the eyes, settling your attention on the breath. Begin to notice the rhythm of your inhales and exhales - without trying to control them. Just observe.

With a steady breath, begin to visualise the night sky. Imagine you’re in a field, looking up at the stars above. Long grasses whisper in the gentle breeze, while birds settle down in the branches of tall trees. A shooting star goes by, catching your attention. You begin to notice the Moon. It’s dark at first but ever so slowly it begins to grow - from New Moon to Full.

Enjoy the scene, relaxing into this meditation. When you’re ready to come out, take three long, steady breaths.

Gently wriggle your toes and fingers to come back into your body. Slowly open your eyes to bring yourself back into the room.

Take a moment to ground

Complete your ritual with grounding. Heading outside in nature or enjoying a warming cup of tea are perfect ways to give you a sense of grounding. It can also be a good time to enjoy a plant-based meal, giving your body good nourishment, ready for the month ahead.


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