Energy hacks, rituals and crystals for a magical Monday

The arrival of a Monday is often less than welcome, especially for those of us working the nine to five. If you spend much of Monday feeling a little slower or introverted, you’re not alone. It’s no coincidence that 'I don’t like Mondays' was such a hit for the Boomtown Rats.

But, away from the busy, corporate world, there is magic to be found on a Monday. Don’t believe us? Read on to discover how to harness the day’s energy to transform the start of your week.

The influence of Lunar energies

Quartz in a moon-shaped dish

Monday comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘mondandaeg’, which means ‘the Moon’s day’. The energies of the day can often feel a little slower, encouraging you to turn inward and listen to your intuition.

With the Moon ruling the day, make the most of the calming, feminine energies. Rather than rushing from A to B, take things at a slower pace. Can you take a mindful shower or spare an extra few minutes to slowly sip your morning tea?

You may feel a little more emotional today too, so spend time doing things you love. Listen to your favourite podcast, or buy a bouquet of flowers to brighten the room. Spend time writing a letter of gratitude, or while away the afternoon painting. Allow your intuition to guide you towards practices that spark your inner magic.

Slow and sumptuous self-care rituals

Self-care practices that encourage a sense of slowing down can feel especially delicious on a Monday. Slow movement like yin or restorative yoga can be just what you need.

With such a mindful energy in the air, practices that strengthen your intuition are particularly effective. Spend time working with your oracle or tarot cards and communicating with your spirit guides. Today isn’t a day to skip your meditation practice either.

Scents can help to transform your mood too – we especially love to fill the room with aromas of jasmine and sandalwood.

Colours and crystals for Monday

For your Monday crystals, opt for pearl, moonstone, selenite, clear quartz or aquamarine.

Work with them as part of your meditation practice, or wear these stones throughout the day to help you tap into calming Monday energies.

You can also match your clothing. Wearing white, silver or pale blue can serve as a subtle reminder to the theme of the day.

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