Flowers with a message: interview with Imke den Hartog

Chaja van Boesschoten meets Imke den Hartog in the beautiful Tuscan hills to find out more about flower reading.

Do flowers have particular messages for us? Do they carry wisdom inside for us to learn? Imke den Hartog, a flower reader who hails from The Netherlands, has strong experiences tuning in to the energy of flowers.

“Many people admire the beauty of flowers and can easily connect to them,” she says. “A flower isn’t something threatening, but it functions like a bridge from heart to heart.”

Imke has a gift to connect to the energy of flowers and people. How this precisely works, is still a mystery for Imke herself. Here she explains how this special connection got nurtured and reveals how she’s sharing it with others throughout the world with her work, Flowers with a Message.

What is flower reading?

The seeds were planted

Imke’s inspiration for nature started at an early age and was encouraged by her parents. She would take long walks with her father, learning about nature and the presence of auras. Imke’s mother would also encourage her to explore fields filled with flowers to savour their beauty.

“When I’m surrounded by flowers I feel content. I experience the whole sensation of the presence of just being,” explains Imke.

It wasn’t until Imke created her own flower garden as an adult that she realised she felt a very strong nurturing connection to the flowers. Having been empathic and very intuitive from an early age, Imke realised she could use her gift to help others.

“That’s when an image arose of flowers, colour, people and a connection to the heart,” she says.

This brought her to a medium who held flower seances. With her, Imke had her first experience of flower reading.

“I grabbed the flower she was holding and it was as if something opened up in my crown," she explains. "I received all kinds of information and then I gave a healing. I didn’t understand it all!”

And so Flowers with a Message began.

Flower power

As part of her work, Imke encourages her clients to choose a flower to bring to her. Her connection with the person and their energy is tremendously important. Through channelling, she tunes into this energy along with the energy that the flower carries inside.

Imke remains astonished by this gift!

“My connection to the Universe is completely open and, during a flower reading, I receive information about the person," she says. "I connect myself both with the person and the flower through my inner channel. I’m completely open to the universal, divine power.

“It is beautiful that the flower within its substance truly illustrates something about the person.”

In her reading process, Imke is also drawn to the flower's colour and scent, the shape of the leaves and the position of the flower (for example, if it's open, facing up or pointing downwards).

“My clients say that it has all been very accurate each time after a reading.” Imke explains. “The energy that the flower carries highlights a specific moment for the development of the client.

“We all experience pain and suffering in our lives and our belief systems are built upon that. I like to remind people that they can become conscious without their mind and emotions interfering.

“It’s the flower that teaches the person how to reach that state of consciousness. Through my channelling, I highlight the qualities of flowers that reflect the healing qualities needed for that person.

"People learn to embrace the obstacles of life and change their perception to see it as nutrition for the soul: to blossom into that precious flower that each one is. A flower in full acceptance of whatever she is presented with.”

Inner work

Her own experience of trauma has given Imke the tools to shine a light on the inner work many people are looking to connect with. In doing so, she says we can become more resilient.

“The more we are able to go inwards and stimulate self-love, the less we will be impacted by challenges,” she says. “In fact, those challenges become more joyful.”

It's just like flowers being rooted in the dark soil and reaching up to grow to the light.

Through different tools like yoga and meditation we stimulate that light,” continues Imke. “However, it starts with embracing our shadow sides while staying connected to our centre, much like the flower stem. It feeds our soul to let us flourish.”

“The challenges won’t disappear but the rough edges become softer and we stop identifying with emotions. We have to be in those shadow sides in order to start loosening that dark soil to create space and to let a bit of light in.”

And it’s this that she gives to people: everybody has the capacity for healing within them. Imke simply encourages people to embrace it.

“What it comes down to in the end is to get to that pure essence," she says. "That’s freedom. The identification with the flower is very powerful then. Ultimately a flower is a pure expression of divine power and to me a flower represents joy!”

Embrace flowers

We can all enhance our relationship with flowers. Many of us can relate to the feeling of joy when the first flowers start to appear at the beginning of spring.

Imke encourages you to stand still when you see a flower.

“Realise how that flower has grown from a small seed that contains all life potential," she says. "A flower lives to live, she is a pure expression of divine power. So, let’s breathe as a flower from the dark soil to the light.”

Below, Imke reveals a selection of plants that are among her favourites:

  • Delphinium. A showy, spiky flower on a tall, and sometimes towering, stem. Imke loves the shape of this flower growing up to the sky and its immensely beautiful colours that vary from deep blue to pink and yellow.

  • Anemone. This gorgeous plant is part of the buttercup family, having divided leaves and showy flowers without petals but with obvious sepals. To Imke, an anemone is vulnerable and shows an open heart with beautiful colours.

  • Cactus. A cactus has a thick fleshy stem that typically bears spines, lacks leaves, and has brilliantly coloured flowers. Imke finds a cactus so interesting because, no matter where it breaks off, it can shoot roots again into the soil and start growing again. A cactus simply can’t be stopped.

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