How to have a Full Moon ceremony at home

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

A Full Moon ceremony can be a beautiful way to honour this special phase in the Moon's cycle. We are all moon-touched. From controlling the tides to influencing our own cycles, the Moon affects both our inner and outer worlds. Even Monday gets its name from the Anglo-Saxon word, monandaeg, which translates as 'the Moon's day'.

Traditionally the Full Moon represents culmination and fruition. It’s the high tide of the lunar energies that can be harnessed for insight, growth and expansion. Connecting with this potent energy provides a way to release the past and call in the new.

What is a Full Moon ceremony?

Ceremonies and rituals create a sacred space filled with possibility and potential. You can think of them like a direct line to the divine. They're a way to connect with energies and forces much bigger than ourselves.

When it comes to performing a Full Moon ceremony, it's not so much what is done but how it is done. See if you can perform each part of your Full Moon ceremony with a deep and unwavering presence. Do each ritual slowly and mindfully, and infuse it with gratitude. Breathe deeply, use all of your senses, and let yourself become fully immersed in each moment as it unfolds.

You can choose to perform the complete Full Moon ceremony, or simply select one or more of the rituals that resonate with you the most. There is no one-size-fits-all ceremony. Creative, intuitive practices are always welcomed. If new ideas and inspiration are gifted to you, then please feel free to explore them during your ceremony.

How to prepare for your Full Moon ceremony

Take the time to mindfully gather all the items that you will need. Choose whatever feels most precious and special to you if you have several choices of each item.

You will need:

  • A Journal

  • Pen

  • Lighter

  • Candle

  • Mason Jar filled with water

Ensure that your physical environment is clean and clutter-free, and adjust the temperature and lighting to create the perfect ambience. Take a moment to make your space exactly how you like it.

How to open your Full Moon ceremony

Find a comfortable seated position, taking a moment to settle in. Relax your jaw, and allow your shoulders to drop down and away from your ears. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and exhale out of your mouth with a gentle sigh.

Imagine that you have roots growing from under your sitting bones down through the floor. Imagine them growing through mud and water, through veins of gold and crystals and minerals, connecting you to the fiery core of the earth. Feel yourself strong and rooted, like an old oak tree.

Now imagine a cord rising up from the crown of your head. This reaches up over your home, up past the clouds, all the way up to the very centre of the Moon. Connect with the Moon’s glow. Imagine its energy and light flowing through the crown of your head and washing through every inch of your body.

Full Moon ceremony rituals

After opening your ceremony, begin to practice the following rituals for your Full Moon ceremony.

Notice how grounded and balanced you feel

Light the wick of your candle, and softly gaze at the flickering flame. Take a moment of appreciation for the fire and how it effortlessly provides light, heat and beauty.

Charge your water

Place your jar of water onto a windowsill or outdoors where it can be illuminated by moonlight. Leave the water overnight to charge with the Moon’s essence. You can place your favourite crystals in a grid around the jar too.

Release and reel in

Take your journal and your favourite pen. Start to write down a list of all the things that you want to release. They can be people, things, thoughts, emotions, or habits - anything that you know it’s time to let go off. Don’t think about it too much, just write down whatever comes up in the moment.

When you are done, read through your list and say to each item “thank you, you are free to go now”, or something in your own words that feels right for you. Then, fold up your list and either bury it, rip it up, or burn it. Your choice.

Now on another piece of paper, write down all the things that you want to call in over the next Moon cycle. Things that you want to have, be or do. Things that you want to feel. Be creative and imaginative, and write down what feels most exciting to you. When you are complete, carefully fold the piece of paper up and slide it underneath your jar of water.

Moon bathe

You’ve probably heard of the Japanese art of forest bathing, but perhaps not the art of Moon bathing. It’s time to shower yourself under the silvery glow of La Luna, outdoors and barefoot if possible. Allow your body to be soothed by the moonlight. Breathe deeply and imagine that you can drink in the light through every pore. If you're unable to get outside, Moon bathe in a window while looking out to the night sky.

Close the ceremony by offering up a prayer of deep gratitude, thanking the Sun, the Moon and all your unseen helpers, and then blow your candle out.

Sweet Dreams

Pay attention to your dreams. Keep your journal and pen by your bed to note down what you can remember from dreamland. Often, important messages and insights will be given to you during this time.

Tomorrow is a new day, choose to move through it with grace and ease. Sip on your moon-charged water, read through your ‘calling in’ list with excitement, and take time to ground in nature and you will cultivate big shifts in your inner and outer world. Happy Full Moon.


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