The healing power of roses

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

The blousy bloom of a rose is a treat for the senses. Beautiful to look at and with a gorgeous scent, roses have the power to uplift us and soothe our soul.

Beyond this, these bewitching blooms also have a unique energy that we can tap into. Often seen as a symbol of love, roses can encourage us to live in alignment with our true self.

To explain more is Anna Rose, a Rose Priestess and founder of Magissa. Here, Anna shares her rituals for harnessing the healing energies of roses to open your heart and reclaim your power.

The healing power of roses

Roses have been loved, adored and admired by people all over the world for thousands of years. Often known as the 'Queen' of the flower kingdom, fossil evidence suggests that roses originated on earth around 35 million years ago.

"Ancient Egyptian priestesses used rose essential oil to anoint their forehead, palms and feet before ritual and self-care practices," explains Anna. "The rose is a gateway to healing our hearts, finding our purpose and living in alignment with our truth."

Embodying the energy of the rose begins with an appreciation of the bloom's form. As Anna explains, it is from a rose's physical appearance that we can take inspiration for our own lives.

"At first glance when we look at a rose, you see her delicate petals in an array of colours, with a strong green stem and thorns," she says. "The stem symbolises her strength and the ability to stand tall against all odds. Her thorns are her boundaries keeping her safe.

"Unfortunately most people cut off her thorns - similar to us where we feel we need to remove our boundaries or 'thorns' to please others. Each petal symbolises our unique story and our spiral journey to reach the centre of our hearts. That very thing that gives us purpose, power and truth."

There is also a very feminine quality about roses, with this flower often being associated with a woman's reproductive power.

"Roses often symbolises our yoni, vagina and cosmic energetic womb," says Anna. "The womb of creation, where all life began and the journey it takes to reach our truth. The rose is an intricate, multi-dimensional being, much like ourselves, living in physical form."

A rose for each occasion

While roses all offer the healing power of unconditional love, individual flowers contain their own different energies. Working with different roses throughout your life can help you to find support where you need it most.

"Each rose vibrates a different energy," explains Anna. "For example - red roses symbolise truth, passion, blood mysteries, ancestors, self-love and pleasure.

"White roses symbolises innocence, purity and truth. They also have a protective quality, and the energy of the giver of life, representing breast milk and sperm. The pink rose symbolises love, adoration, forgiveness, friendship and compassion. It also releases guilt, worry and stress."

Healing rose rituals

There are a number of ways that you can work with the energies of roses at home. Spend time with these healing rituals to mindfully enjoy roses:

  • Meditate by holding or visualising roses 

  • Use rose essential oil around your home

  • Have roses in your home and/or garden

  • Enjoy a rose bath with rose petals

"I deeply recommend a rose petal bath, filled with rose petals, rosemary, Himalayan salt, rose hip oil and rose essential oils," says Anna.


About Anna Rose

Anna Rose is a Rose Priestess and founder of Magissa. Anna has been offering wellness inspiration for over 10 years, with a client base that spans the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and India.

Find out more at Anna Rose and Magissa.


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