The Lion's Gate Portal explained

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

The Lion's Gate Portal is a cosmic event that takes place every year on 8 August. But what is so special about this day - and how much does it influence us?

Here to explain the importance of the Lion's Gate Portal is Robbyne LaPlant, a spiritual messenger, teacher and founder of White Wolf Journeys. She explains what this time means for us as human beings and reveals how best to honour this cosmic event.

What is the Lion's Gate Portal?

Every year on 8 August there is a cosmic alignment known as the Lion's Gate. It's a time that was very sacred to the ancient Egyptians. It occurs over several days but reaches its peak on the eighth day of the eighth month.

It's a time when the star, Sirius, aligns with the Great Pyramid and a cosmic portal opens, bridging the physical realms of the Earth and the spiritual realms. At that time, an infusion of light moves through the gateway aligning humans to their divine celestial light.

Moments of profound awareness occur and one is awakened to their higher truth.  It's called the Lion's Gate, because it occurs in the astrological sign of Leo (the lion). Leo represents the individual expression of the Divine, and the Lion's Gate energy is about awakening the Divine Light we carry inside to be expressed in physical form. The lion symbolises power and strength, making it an opportune time to step into your own power.

What does this time mean for us as human beings?

This increased light will be the catalyst of life-altering changes to unfold in one way or another for just about everyone. Relationships will change and career changes will occur even if you weren't consciously planning it. The energy is meant to shake us up to align with our life purpose.

We must learn to let go of material things and focus more on what's important to the heart. We must listen more clearly to our heart instead of striving for grander and bigger at the cost of loving relationships, health and joy. We must become the full expression of the dream we carry in our heart.

What rituals can honour this time?

Find stillness to go deeper within your soul story. Everything is up for review now as we question if our career, relationships and desires are truly in alignment with love and our soul growth. Don’t be surprised if some key aspect of your life, or everything all at once seems to be in a state of flux.

You may feel as though you are drifting with no direction. Ultimately, these changes that we are each going through, simply serve to align us more fully with our truth. Keep in mind that you're a spiritual being in physical form. Any shifts and changes happening now, are serving to align you with more joy, love, possibilities and opportunities to express yourself in all of your magnificence.

It's important to remember this when things seem to be crumbling away. Be willing to love yourself. Honour the stirrings of your heart and step through the doorways of new possibilities, which open at the time of the Lion’s Gate. Take the time to review the intentions you set at the time of the new moon. Create sacred space and light a single candle. Meditate and visualise opening the crown chakra to receive the crystal white light. Consciously breathe this light into your cells and feel the exhilaration of the higher frequencies. When you feel the energy has fully integrated, take a moment to write down any guidance or messages that are coming through.

How do we proceed from here?

Be present, disconnect from the fast world and spend more time in nature. Follow your heart.   Each day ask how you can step up and be the best of you? Use your breath to centre. Have trust and faith that we are each part of something magnificent.

Learn more from Robbyne

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With a Rose Reading, the rose chooses you. I ask specifically for the flower being that wishes to share with you. I utilise the stillness to go into a deep meditation as I connect with your soul essence. I channel the guidance of the rose to bring forth a message. 

We'll use the rose in a sacred ceremony for the Lion’s Gate. After the ceremony, I allow the petals to dry and then create a personal talisman for you, combining sacred herbs and crystals. I type the messages of guidance and send them to you via email and post your rose talisman, which allows you to attract anything you might wish into your life. It also protects you from negative influences and vibrations that lower you being in a state of higher love. 

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About Robbyne

Robbyne is a spiritual messenger, counsellor, teacher and ceremonial leader. She works internationally and is the founder of White Wolf Journeys, specialising in creating transformational experiences to sacred sites around the world and inner journeys of self-discovery.


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