Living in tune with nature with Merilyn Keskula

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

We've become increasingly distant from nature as a species. Head to a city, and you'll struggle to spot any wildlife (pigeons excluded), while the stars at night will be nothing but a distant memory.

As we become increasingly disconnected with nature and out of tune with the seasons, we're encountering a growing number of challenges when it comes to our health - from depression and anxiety, to infertility and chronic pain.

One woman keen to change our current trajectory is Merilyn Keskula. Merilyn is an author and founder of The Moon Method - a guide of living with the natural patterns that surround us. She's a passionate advocate of living with the cyclical nature of the natural world, listening to our intuition and honouring our bodies.

Merilyn's latest book, Moon Power: Empowerment through cyclical living, encourages us to pay more attention to the Moon. It outlines the impact that the Moon has on our lives and how we can tap into its energies to follow our own lunar journey.

Here, Merilyn explains what we can expect from Moon Power, and also shares her tips for living more in tune with nature.

What can we expect from Moon Power?

Moon Power is really meant to be a written tutorial to encourage and inspire everyone to start their own lunar journey and form a relationship with this beautiful cyclical celestial body.

The book starts with an overview of different aspects of our lunar ally. It explains how Grandmother Moon guided every part of the human society and culture since ancient times - influencing agriculture in the past and fashion and music in the 60s.

The key part is diving deep into how the Moon affects our life and energy now: how the Moon phases and Her journey through the zodiac signs impact our lives in the modern times.

What is your motivation behind the book?

I’m passionate about cyclical living, which is very feminine and organic. It’s about understanding that human beings are not robots and our natural way of being is cyclical. Respecting this ebb and flow is the only way to ensure the sustainability of our own energy as well as Earth’s resources.

The Moon is the most accessible and universal cyclical pattern to work with, so it was the best entry point to offer to people. Working with the Moon is available to everyone, regardless of gender, age or location. It connects us directly with the beautiful universal web. Once we understand one system or pattern, we understand them all. There’s a beautiful order behind the complexities of life.

So I guess, in short, my motivation is to offer a way to a more natural and caring way of living. One that is respecting our own body wisdom, inner authority and the land underneath us.

Can you tell us more about The Moon Method?

The Moon Method is a way to understand and layer the cyclical patterns within and around us. It’s not just concerned with the Moon, but builds a unique energetical blueprint for each person by layering the cycles that each of us is called to work with. For example, I also work with feminine moon-time (aka the menstrual cycle) and the Wheel of The Year (seasons) in addition to the lunar wheel.

The Moon Method is something I primarily use in my one-to-one client work or when teaching introductory workshops to cyclical living.

The Moon Method helps us to first observe and understand better our own body and energy and also align the way you live your life with the wider energetical patterns.

Why should we pay more attention to nature?

As a society, and especially as women, we've moved so far away from nature and its cyclical ways. We've forgotten that everything in nature works in a spiralling pattern. The constant pursuit of linear growth has brought us to the edge of global 'burnout'.

I feel the first step is to reconnect us individually with our inner and natural truth. Working with the Moon and the seasons opens the portal that helps us to see that these external shifts are beautifully mirrored in our own being, within our own bodies. We are not in any way separate from nature. We are nature.

Working with the Moon and seasons is deep soul work. It’s about calling back the fragments of the soul that have been forgotten while you connect with the magic and lessons of particular phases and seasons. Connecting with our own being and inner truth is essential for the life on Earth if we want to survive and thrive. As well as understanding the connection between the inner and outer.

What difference has living with nature made to your life?

I was definitely the one living in a constant 'growth, peak, crash' model, which was exhausting. At first, I started tracking my own menstrual cycle, which became my first blueprint for understanding and accepting how my energy shifts (quite radically) throughout the month. Then came the Moon and seasons.

I’m always very transparent that I’m in no way perfect. I haven’t figured it all out. But it’s all about observing, allowing, accepting, embracing and learning. I’m much more easy on myself and know that the 'down-times' are essential for guiding my life. One of the key concepts I teach is to start loving your pre-menstrual/bleeding time, and the Dark Moon phase, and winter. These are deeply feminine times when we plant the seeds for future and receive insights.

Most of us are constantly go-go-go mode, so putting the focus and attention of 'being' as perhaps been the most radical and fulfilling shift in my life.

What tips do you have for getting started with this practice?

It’s actually very easy. The first step is to start paying attention and tracking the shifts in your physical, emotional and mental energy. My recommendation is to incorporate this to your morning or evening ritual: get a lovely notebook and write down how you feel and note where the Moon is. You can go as specific as you like and only note the Moon's phase, or phase and sign, or - if you have your birth chart - phase, sign, house and planets the Moon transits.

This is like building your personal database and calendar. Over a few months, you’ll definitely start seeing the patterns emerging.


About Merilyn

Merilyn is a mentor, speaker and entrepreneur. After experiencing almost constant anxiety and bouts of burn-out over the years, she started to explore cycles within and around her and re-ignited her love for astrology.

Merilyn founded Mylky Moon Lab in 2016 and has hosted workshops in Zurich, London, Milan and Copenhagen.

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