How to create a magical morning ritual

Wondering how to make your morning routine more sacred? Mornings can be one of the most magical times of day. With often just a few tweeting birds for company, it’s an ideal time to engage in spiritual practice, indulge in self-care or reconnect with nature.

That being said, it’s not always easy to find the time for a morning routine. Whether you’re juggling a busy career, caring for loved ones, or are just a certified night owl, carving time for yourself in the morning can feel like an impossible task.

So whether you’ve got five minutes or three hours, we’ve outlined some easy ways that you can make your morning ritual that little bit more magical.

How to create a magical morning ritual...

… if you’re short on time

Mornings can often pass by in a blur if you’re on the go, but there’s still plenty you can do to fit in moments of mindfulness.

Swapping your mobile phone for an old-fashioned alarm clock is an easy way to start your day more mindfully. It’ll help you to resist the urge to start scrolling on social media as soon as you wake up.

With your clock at the ready, try setting it just five or 10 minutes earlier. With these precious few extra minutes, you can start the day right with a refreshing lemon water or soothing herbal tea.

You can even transform your morning shower into a gorgeous self-care ritual. Use products that feel nourishing and pay attention to the sensations of your body as the water hits your skin. You could even channel your inner Wim Hof and harness the health benefits of a cold shower.

Rather than quickly applying moisturiser to your body, use it as an opportunity for some self-massage. This has the added benefit of supporting your circulation and encouraging fresh blood flow to all areas of your body.

Keep breakfast as a mindful affair. Leave your phone in the other room (or switched off if possible) and instead be present with making a nourishing meal that will sustain you throughout the morning. Swap sugary cereals for calming oats, tasty omelettes or refreshing fruits.

… if you’re caring for children

Moments of peace can be hard to come by if you’re caring for children, especially if your little ones are taking their first steps! That being said, a morning routine is a great practice to share with youngsters and a healthy habit that they can continue throughout life.

If they’re not ready for a yoga practice, encourage your little ones to move to some soulful, fun music instead. Explore different shapes and poses as you move mindfully together. It’s a great way to ease out any tension in the body and get the blood pumping.

Alternatively, it can be great to take youngsters out for some morning fresh air once the sun rises. Go outside and be present in the moment. Talk about what colours or shapes you notice, and whether there are any plants or animals.

Adding fruits – such as lemons, limes or berries – is an easy way to make a morning cup of water more inviting to kids. It’s a healthy morning habit that you can both enjoy too. Take the time to notice the patterns in your slices of fruit and discuss the flavours you can detect with your taste buds.

… if you’re a night owl

Mornings can feel anything but magical if you’re more of a night owl, but it is possible to adapt your routine.

Having enough sleep and getting to bed at a good time is an absolute must for a bright morning. You probably know how much sleep you need to feel your best, so from this you can work out the best time to head to bed. Be patient with yourself as it may take some time for your body to adapt.

With bedtime sorted, it’s time to give yourself something that you absolutely can’t wait to wake up for. It might be booking a class with your favourite yoga teacher, reading the next chapter in your book or making something delicious out of the fresh ingredients sitting in your refrigerator. Write down on a piece of paper what you’re going to do and place this next to your alarm clock so that it’s the first thing you see when you open your eyes.

Similarly, it can be a good idea to get everything you need for your chosen routine ready the night before. This means you won’t have to worry about preparing anything when you wake up. It might be putting your favourite mug on the side ready for a morning brew, or rolling out your yoga mat for early morning movement. Make life easy for yourself.

… if you’re just not sure what to do

Having bags of time isn’t always an advantage. If you struggle with procrastination and building a routine, it’s time to get out your journal.

Take a few minutes to decide exactly what you want from your morning routine. Do you want to move your body? Do you want to start a meditation practice? Do you want to spend more time outside? Begin to journal down your thoughts until you notice patterns emerging.

From here, you can make a plan for your morning. Try it for a few days and see how it goes – you can always come back to your journal if it doesn’t feel like it’s working for you.

Plus, if you’re in need of inspiration, our article about creating a morning routine inspired by Ayurveda is definitely worth a read.


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