Satya through the lens of motherhood

Since the first blog about Ahimsa, Chaja has become much more aware of all the yamas and how they are very present during her daily interactions with her two boys. So much so that her youngest boy has recently given her a good real-life case to explore the yama Satya – truthfulness and dignity to oneself and others.

How to guide my boys?

Recently, my youngest son has been coming home from school complaining about a child in his class who seemed to purposely annoy him. My first instincts were: there is never only one child to blame; one child is more sensitive than the other and there might be a particular conflict between both; or something has happened between these two kids that keeps on triggering this behaviour.

At the same time, I wanted my son to stand up for himself, as he normally does at home. This led to an inner battle in my mind.

While sometimes confrontation can help to clear the whole atmosphere, it wasn’t something I wanted to encourage as a parent (and particularly not as I’ve been addressing ahimsa in my daily life!).

The importance of Satya for children

Anyhow, almost on a daily basis my boy would get very upset in the car on the way home from school. I’d ask him what had happened and what his reaction had been.

My son never responded with physical violence to the child in question. However, while playing with others, he made it clear that the child couldn’t join in. I decided to contact the parents to explain and to hear their side of the situation.

To cut a long story short, the child has particular emotional and social difficulties and therefore it can be very challenging to be in a group. My son’s radars had picked this up.

I suggested to the parents to meet up and go for a walk together with our dog. We live in the hills near a beautiful stream and waterfall and there is always an adventure for my two sons.

It turned out that this walk had led to four positive things:

· The child had over won his fear of dogs

· He had challenged himself to join particular adventures whereas he was initially scared

· He and my two boys got to know each other differently and actually liked each other

· My boy has started telling his friends that they should have a playdate with this child, because he is actually really kind.

I feel that both of my boys have learned how to create another context in a difficult situation/relation. It is always important to give someone a chance and even more so to help other persons to feel safe, happy and to create circumstances for integration.

But even more so, without them being aware of their ego, they have understood what kindness to others means instead of putting their own needs and concerns at first.

In this context, we have all learnt from our actions on how Satya can provide a trusty relationship.


About Chaja van Boesschoten

Chaja is a Hatha yoga teacher, international project manager and digital writer. She has become so captivated by the knowledge of yoga science and the immense possibilities of the breath, that her life has become devoted to yoga.

Chaja was born in The Netherlands, she is married to a Scottish man and has two sons who were born in two different countries. She now lives in Italy and finds it beautiful to use the knowledge of different languages and experiences to transmit yoga. Yoga is available to everyone, but she sees the importance to bring it to people who are possibly unaware of it, to people who live in socially vulnerable situations, to people suffering mentally (as a consequence of the pandemic e.g.) and to influencers.

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