Spiritual activism explained + 5 ways to get involved

Erica Breen explores spiritual activism and reveals ways to incorporate the practice into your life.

What is spiritual activism? I'd not heard of this term until I recently read Do Better by Rachel Ricketts. After reading it, I felt super curious to learn more and find ways to incorporate the practice of spiritual activism into my life.

“Spiritual activism is the daily ongoing, active thoughts and behaviours that we undertake to dismantle all systems and forms of oppression rooted in our understanding of our interconnectedness," says Rachel Ricketts in her book.

Spiritual activism is a practice that brings together the inward focus of spirituality with the outward focus of activism. It's a reminder that the inner work helps us to develop self-awareness and further personal growth. This, in turn, helps us create activism that encourages us to act as part of a global collective.

Becoming a spiritual activist

So how do we become a spiritual activist? A spiritual activist means honouring yourself while working to create a loving, sacred, and sustainable world.

A world where all forms of inequality and dehumanisation have been overthrown and consciousness is transformed through empathy, love, and understanding.

It also views the world as sacred and inspires you to feel your sense of interconnectedness with the Universe. It means living in a sustainable way to support all human activity and the planet. A sustainable manner that ensures the longevity and wellbeing of the earth for future generations to come.

The practice of spiritual activism is being engaged in the present moment and acting from a place of connection and understanding of your true highest ethical, moral, and spiritual principles.

A spiritual activist practices empathy to build a community and transform consciousness with others. It's a strong desire to change the world for the better by contributing to political and economic issues to help humans evolve.

Incorporating spiritual activism into your life

Develop self-awareness

Who am I? A spiritual approach means that you're dedicated to personal transformation and developing self-awareness as an integral part of creating a better world.

To build self-awareness means to develop the ability to know what you are doing as you do it. Then, to understand why you are doing it by clearly perceiving your personality. Your personality includes discovering your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions.

Understanding this deep knowledge of yourself allows you to understand other people and your attitude and responses to them, along with how they perceive you.

As you develop self-awareness, you can make changes in the thoughts and interpretations you make in your mind. Changing the variations in your mind allows you to change your emotions. Our goal in developing self-awareness is to become more conscious of what's driving our behaviour. Our unconscious behaviour is something we rarely assess with our conscious mind. By increasing our sensitivity to our emotions and instincts, we can tap into this part of our brain.

How to develop self-awareness:

  • Personality quizzes and horoscopes - Via Institute of Character Test is my favourite

  • Self-reflection - take time each evening to reflect on your behaviour for the day

  • Personal values - journal about what is most important to you

  • Personal vision - who is your future self, and what are your goals?

  • Observe others - how do you react and show up when surrounded by other people?

Create and act

To me, spiritual activism speaks from our desire to create. We create new conversations, conscious businesses and develop new ideas that shape our world. We're all connected as human beings, and it's taking action from a place of compassion and empathy.

Working with others that share our goals is way more impactful than going at it alone, and it supports the action of giving and helping. Marches and protests are fantastic examples of this. Research your local community groups making a positive difference and ask how you can get involved.

Be in the present moment

Another result of spiritual development is the ability to just be. There is no need to do things just for the sake of it.

We begin to cherish the present moment and spend more time living in the moment-to-moment experience. Living moment-to-moment doesn't mean we aren't passionate and inactive; it's just using your time wisely and focusing on the present.

Living in the present moment allows you to become more active and engaged by focusing on the small tasks you can accomplish to evolve the planet.

Consume less and feel more

It's simple and basic, but so accurate. We live in a materialistic society where we constantly consume and buy more to satisfy our inner needs.

Think about what you're buying and start to think about where that money could better go instead.

Do you need a $5 latte every morning? That weekly $35 could go to a local charity with a cause that you support.

Know what you believe in and take an active stance to support your beliefs. Passionate about the environment and sustainability? Live by example. Buy a reusable water bottle, and get involved with recycling in your local community.


Everybody's got an opinion, and everyone wants their opinion to be heard. I encourage you to slow down and genuinely listen more to people around you.

Take the time to learn what a person believes in, the job they do, the country they are from, and anything else they want to share. By making it your business to interact with people who are not like you or from the same social circle, you can learn something new and broaden your worldwide scope.

Find out more about spiritual activism in Rachel Ricketts' book, Do Better: Spiritual Activism for Fighting and Healing from White Supremacy


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