Healing after lockdown: taking spirituality online

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

What happens when a healer has to take her craft online? We chat to Melanie Wellard who explains how she's embracing the new direction of her work

We meet Melanie Wellard over Skype in the midst of lockdown. You'd think that this period would be incredibly challenging for a holistic healer who previously relied on events and workshops to share her craft. But, keen to find the positives in life, Melanie has embraced the changes that lockdown has brought.

“This time has been a pause,” says Melanie. “It’s definitely pushed me over a precipice into doing things I’ve been putting off for so long or unsure about trying.”

Melanie has a wealth of experience. As a trained life coach, personal discovery workshop trainer, Reiki master, healer, psychic medium and chakra dance facilitator, there are few people that can offer such well-rounded support. Despite this, sharing her gifts with the world is something that hasn’t always come naturally to Melanie.

“I’ve found in the past that I've avoided social media," she says. "But I am learning! My website is being developed as we speak.

“I was slowing building my business through events and starting to develop workshops when lockdown happened. This changed things overnight."

Offering healing online

With events cancelled and gatherings banned, Melanie sought other avenues to share her spiritual work. She began a small private Facebook group with existing clients, offering free weekly meditations. The group quickly grew and the importance of Melanie’s work soon became clear.

“I’ve had people message me saying the meditations have been a lifeline for them,” she says. “It’s really got me thinking about the type of work I’ll be doing once lockdown is over.”

Along with social media, Melanie has now taken her healing online, offering virtual support, healings and readings to private clients.

“I've offered phone readings to clients who live all around the world for several years and much of my work is about reading and working with people’s energy,” she says. “I’ve discovered I can do that just as well online through a video call as I can being in the same room as them.

"I'm able to offer a two- or three-hour session combining several of my services. I start with a psychic consultation, looking at where the client may be blocked in their progress. Once we've established the blocks, I move into coaching and guide them to finding a way forward. I've even finished a session with remote Reiki too."

A new age for healing

It is this compassionate and holistic approach that makes Melanie stand out from the crowd. Far from receiving a one-time reading, booking a consultation with Melanie will kickstart you on a life-changing process.

“I’m very good at getting to the source of a person’s pain,” she says. “This is important, as if you don’t tackle the root cause, the problems that stem from it will never really go away. I never want to give someone a reading, overload them with information, but then offer no explanation for what do with it.

“I always say that if you’re going to work with me, you’ve got to be prepared to do the deep work. It’s a good way to bring transformative change.”

And it seems that Melanie’s work has come at just the right time. On the brink of a new post-pandemic age, taking care of ourselves has never been more important.

“Nowadays, we’re very aware of the importance of being both physically and mentally well,” says Mel. “But what about spiritually? If we’re not considering that too, are we really whole?

"It seems to me like we’re attempting to make a cake with only half the ingredients.”

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About Melanie

Melanie Wellard is a trained life coach, personal discovery workshop trainer, Reiki master, healer, psychic medium and chakra dance facilitator. Find out more about Melanie Wellard on her Facebook group.


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