Water rituals with Dakota Chanel

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Water is vital to life on Earth - it covers more than 70% of our planet. We can't survive without it and yet it's something the modern world is increasingly being disconnected from.

Whether you love swimming in the sea or prefer relaxing in a warm bath, there's something about being in water that feeds our soul and nurtures our spirit. Connecting with water helps us to honour this life source and bring us into alignment with nature.

To explain her favourite methods for reconnecting with water is Dakota Chanel, a Water Priestess and founder of the Water Priestess Mystery School. Here, Dakota explains why we need to honour water and shares her favourite rituals that you can practice at home.

How have we become disconnected from water?

Most modern cultures have become disconnected from water because it’s easy to take for granted. We don’t have to think about where it comes from as it flows out of the tap or comes in a bottle at the store. It's not something we're encouraged to consciously connect to.

Water comes from the earth, yet we've been taught that water directly from nature is dirty and only safe if it goes through some form of human purification. However, this isn't true. There are springs that flow from aquifers so deep below the surface of the earth that they are completely untouched by modern pollutants and filtered through miles of layers to reach the surface.

I find it hard to believe that a filter or machine with around 12 inches of filtration material can be better than that. Not only does the water emerge with physically pristine minerals, probiotics and negative ions, it also contains an unmeasurable spiritual essence. 

I believe that the spirit of water is calling us to reconnect with her in the deepest way. To gather our own water - just like our ancestors did. Our ancestors didn’t have fancy water machines. They also didn’t create villages or settle where there was no water. Water was revered as the centre of the community and the nodal point around which life could spiral out and take root.

We no longer revere water in the same way. This is a problem because we've lost touch with this foundational aspect of what it means to be human. To be a water being on a water planet drinking living water.

Why is water sacred?

Water is the life blood of the planet. The water we drink becomes our blood. We are 99% water at the molecular level. Our bodies are born from the sexual waters of our parents and grown in the oceanic amniotic sac of our mother's womb.

I see water as the elemental representation of the divine mother. Embodying the qualities of unity, love, connection, peace and purification. She washes all of us clean equally, no matter what we have done. Without water, there would be no humans, no trees, no animals, no flowers. It would be like Mars.

She is sacred, precious and deserves to be treated as a living being instead of a substance.

How can we reconnect with water?

Reconnecting with the sacredness of water is vitally important. The two main ways I encourage this are being aware of the kind of water you drink and also engaging in water rituals. Changing the water you drink changes the waters you are made of and greatly improves health.

Most people are chronically dehydrated. I highly recommend the experience of finding a spring and drinking water from the earth completely untouched by man. There is a wonderful site called FindASpring.com where you can look up springs around the world.

If you're unsure of the water quality, you can purchase a discounted water test and have it tested. I gather spring water every two weeks and fill up enough in glass to last that long. It's important to store it in a cool dark place.

What water rituals can we practice?  

My favourite aspect of connection is to honour the spirit of water through treating her as a living being and friend through ritual. There are infinite potential water rituals you could do.

The two most foundational ones that I practice are daily water prayers and a water altar. Water is conscious and a receiver of frequency. Therefore, the words we speak are vitally important and powerful.

I like to fill up a glass of water in the morning and speak and/or sing prayers and intentions for myself that day. Whatever I most need to be nourished with, speaking that into the water before drinking it and feeling the prayer and intention flowing through my blood.

I also do morning water prayers for the collective. I have a bowl of water on my water altar. I pray with the water and offer a bit of it to a crystal that I have outside. I renew the water every New Moon and keep it on the altar for one lunar cycle.

I also love to do water blessings and offer gifts of crystals, songs, flowers, prayers, Ormus, etc. to bodies of water that need it. These practices are a great way to start deepening your connection to water.

I share these practices in depth in a free water priestess introductory offering on my website at DakotaChanel.com.

You can also bless water throughout the day. Every time you wash your hands or take a shower or see water moving in nature, offer some words of gratitude and love for all she does for you. Ask to be shown how you can deepen your care for her.

Changing my relationship with water has changed my life. We are made mostly of water. This planet is covered mostly in water. I fully believe we can heal ourselves and the planet by cultivating a deeper relationship with this precious liquid as expressed within and all around us. 


About Dakota Chanel

Dakota works with women all over the world. She uplifts women to remember and reclaim their inner magic through her online Water Priestess Mystery School, Amrita Orgasm Course and Mermaid Goddess Retreats.

She has supported hundreds of women in over 15 countries to be empowered in their divine feminine being. You can find her barefoot in dresses, celebrating the beauty of life with her beloved in Hawaii.

Follow Dakota on Instagram and find out more at DakotaChanel.com


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